Sunday, June 3, 2007


I will admit that I know just enough about the computer to make me dangerous.
But, obviously I do not know enough. So, since I am unwilling to take the time to learn how to create a unique looking blog at homeschoolblogger I am turning to Google's Blogger to help me. What a difference!
They walk you through everything and make it soooooo easy.
For those of you who linked to this blog, here is our new blog address:
Make sure you bookmark this address and come by to visit whenever you can.
I though it would be nice to also repost our nicknames. I know it can be confusing but for the safety of our children I feel it is necessary to provide some privacy. And, they just plain love their nicknames anyway. So, here goes...
Our oldest daughter is Boo
(add this to her name and that is what we called her when she was litle)
Our oldest son is Goose
(After the pilot in Top Gun- he's just as funny and just as serious)
Our middle daughter is Miss M
(no explaination needed)
Our last bio daughter is Daisy
(We have both been labeled this due to our love of life - like dancing through the daisy fields)
Our second son is Lil' Cowboy
(enough said)
And, our youngest daughter is Brown Sugar
(she is sugar and spice - just more of a brown color)
There you go...I am Heather and my husband is Eric.
We live in the Central Valley of California - the bread basket of the world.
We love our country, our home, our life.
~ Lazy D

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homeskoolmom5883 said...

Hey Heather,
You MUST let us know you moved before we can find you. :) I was planning to email you soon to find out if you had fallen off the face of the planet. Kendra linked to you that's how I knew :)