Monday, May 14, 2007

Positive Encouragement

Eeyore is my nickname. Has been since the day we decided that Winnie-the-Pooh characters are really based on typical personalities. By the way, this is way before any books came out on the particular subject.
I no longer see myself as Eeyore but I do have one thing in common with the character; I tend to be negative rather than positive in my outlook. Yep! I am a 'glass is half empty' gal. I bet you can guess that my husband is the opposite. If I think one way he always thinks the complete opposite.
As a mom of a teenage son I am learning that having a positive attitude toward those things that he cherishes is really important, even if it kills me inside. There is no better time to start using encouraging, positive words then when your son comes home with a VW bus.
I have written before that I am not hung up on what cars we drive or where we live but I must now confess that there are certain vehicles that I just can't imagine stepping into let alone driving. I am rambling here so let me get right to the point. My son, with our help, bought a junker. It is a classic '66 (I can hear all the guys sighing) VW bus that has the refrigerator, table, bed, and pop up camper top. It came with dents galore and hippie bumper stickers that are in the process of being striped from the vehicle. What I don't get is how someone can imagine this heap of junk turning into something worth being seen in. Thus, my Eeyore personality pops up and I get labeled again as the ever negative mother.
Well, I have voiced my opinion (or concern depending on if your a mother or a friend of my sons) and will now let it rest. I have decided that my position is one of positive encouragement. A very important part of motherhood is knowing when being positive is important. Just don't expect to see me driving it around town!
PS. When I get up enough nerve I might just post a picture of the "thing" sitting in our driveway.

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