Tuesday, June 5, 2007

40 years

What I appreciate and am thankful for (x40...one for every year of life)
  1. The One True Living God
  2. The love of my life, Eric
  3. My six incredible children
  4. Our house (which is a lot like a worn-in leather shoe...it has that comfy, warm feeling)
  5. My backyard
  6. Our garden (I love when everything starts blooming, budding, and leafing out)
  7. Our trailer (It is like camping in the Bellagio compared to our first trailer)
  8. My Baby Grand Piano (given to me by my Uncle and Aunt...I love it and play it almost daily)
  9. My love of music...I like all kinds of music but I especially like grand music that sends chills up my spine and tears to my eyes.
  10. Ability to sing and play piano
  11. Our master bed/bath (again I think of the Bellagio...thank you Eric)
  12. Fall, my favorite season
  13. Apple crisp or apple pie
  14. The colors maroon and olive green
  15. Italy
  16. Our Suburban (even though it regularly loses a tire or breaks down on our trips)
  17. A good book
  18. MP3 sermons
  19. My laptop (a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday...thanks honey!)
  20. Our hens (they are so fun to watch)
  21. All of my friends for your encouraging words, your admonitions, your sound advice, and your listening ear
  22. Our church community
  23. Patriarchs Wife's Yahoo group
  24. Liberia/Acres of Hope
  25. Our washing machine and dryer (it would never get done if I had to do it by hand)
  26. Village Fresh Store around the corner from our house
  27. An awesome neighborhood with the best neighbors you could ever want
  28. Starbucks
  29. Young Families group
  30. Our swimming pool (especially when it is over 100 degrees)
  31. Memories (I still can think of a few)
  32. Sudoku (to hopefully keep some of those brain cells alive to be able to remember some of those wonderful memories)
  33. My hair
  34. A good bargain
  35. Daisy Fields Basket Co. (my creative outlet)
  36. Stone baked pizza (thin crust with everything on it)
  37. Tiramisu a dry cappaccino
  38. The United States of America
  39. Pictures
  40. and last but not least....blogs! The twenty-first century way to communicate with each other


Erin said...

Happy Birthday!
Troy, Erin, Madelyn and Ellie

cindy said...

I like your new blog.

Laura said...

Great list ~ we have a lot in common! Hope you had a very blessed birthday!

Laura in KY
(PW list)