Tuesday, March 4, 2008


One important step in the mourning process is to purposefully welcome change. So, here are some of the things that we have changed in our home:
  1. I had my hair cut. Eric loved my hair long and so it had been long for some time. It is not necessarily short but it is much shorter than it was...and, even though sitting in the salon chair was very emotional for me I have grown to like my new cut.
  2. We painted the main bathroom a beautiful Restoration Hardware blue. I love it. The color before was a medium taupe-brown but with slate rock on the floors, shower walls, and counters it was like walking into a cave.
  3. I almost have the loft cleared out. Eric collected, I do not. Enough said?
  4. I moved my wedding band over to my other ring finger. This was particularly hard for me. I loved being married but our vows said "till death do us part". God has chosen to righteously severe our vows. I am no longer married to Eric. Those are incredibly hard words to write or say. I don't take our twenty years together for granted but I also want to obediently move to the new place that God has for us rather then stay stagnant in grief.

There are many more changes to come but at the moment I can only slowly move from one change to the next.



kymk99 said...


I can't even imagine you with shorter hair! I am sure it looks great though. We continue to pray for your family daily here. May He continue to prepare you for the continual changes that this life has in store for you and the kids.

Yvonne :o)

All 8 of Us said...

Continuing to lift you and your children up before the throne of grace, Heather.
Blessings,Kathi Baillie

TnFullQuiver said...

You are an amazing woman. I believe you are on the right track to being obedient to God. I believe our relationship with the Lord is a faith WALK. You are walking that out with your Lord. By moving your wedding band, it is a symbol to the Lord that you are HIS and HE is yours.
grace and peace,

homeskoolmom5883 said...

You have been busy...I agree with the last comment-- you are an amazing woman.

Continuing to pray for all of you!


As One Voice said...

It is encouraging to see the continued work of God in your life as He daily displays His faithfulness to you. His grace in and through us is truly amazing! During family worship this morning we read again about His grace, it was such an encouragement to me. As we read, I thought of you and so I am including an especially encouraging quote (from Extreme Devotion by Voice of the Martyrs).

"It has been said God will never lead us where His grace cannot keep us. . . . You'll likely never say that God's grace is all you need until His grace is all you have."

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you.'" 2 Corinthians 12:9

So glad the grace of God is your daily experience - we are continuing in prayer for you and the children.

In Christ's love ~ Diana

Duane & Patricia said...

Every late morning when I get to the computer and click on Ministry Links I immediately go to your blog. Yes, you are definately ministering to the rest of us. Teaching us. I was telling someone at a church game night last week about you and said that so many of us going to your blog are like people standing outside a window looking in, watching at the way God is carrying you through, learning more about the faithfulness of God because some day many of us will be in the same position. And we will remember what we saw and be thankful that the Shepherd who led Abraham, Issac, Jacob, the Apostles, early Believers, and Reformers is the same Shepherd that led and carried you,and so will carry us. Always in Jesus, patricia

Edith said...


I can so totally relate to your changes - I did the same thing after my husband died - cut my hair, changed things in the house, moved my wedding ring...that last change was probably the hardest for me - especially when I had to take it off at one point and later could not physically get it back on. Anyway...you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I check your blog daily for updates. Thanks so much for continuing to share.


Jocelyn said...

You are so in my prayers all the time. Everytime
"O the deep, deep Love" comes on I think of you. It comes on over and over again since it has quickly become mine and Isaac favorite song!

Hang in there. You are doing so great and following what God has in store for you will do nothing but bring you peace and understanding as to what God has planned for your future!

Love you and I'm praying for you!

From your other California Liberian Mama,


Lovable Mammay said...

Dear Heather,

I too join the others here who have talked of your witnessing to US! I am drawn here each time because I want to take in the learning that you provide. God is such an amazing God. HE knows who is willing to "learn and share" and those who are willing to "accept and learn!" I do hope to be able to answer to GOD that, "yes, I did understand those teachings and yes, I did try my best to follow through on what I learned." Will see.......

Signing off as another "perfect stranger" to you but linked forever as Sisters in Christ.


countrymomtx said...

I agree with all that has been said ,even down to thanking you for introducing us to "Deep deep love", my new favorite song. Thank you for sharing your life and grief with us. Praying for you all, Cindy in West Texas

Kerri said...

I check your blog daily, and pray for you family each day as well. I can only say that I'm amazed by the strength God is giving you at this time. Thank you for sharing with so many, I'm learning so much from you.
Kerri Stetler

monica said...


I am always walk away blessed by your entries. You and the children are in our prayers multiple times throughout the day. I know that this changes are hard but you are obeying God and for that you will be blessed. Lots of love to you and your family.

Monica and Xavier

monica said...


I apologize for my poor grammar on my prior entry I am sick and my head is clogged :-).

May you continue to grow from the lessons that God is presenting to you.

Monica and Xavier

godlover said...

Heather, God stands, arms outstretched, and you walk to Him ... one step at a time. And each step is difficult and painful. But each step carries you that much closer to Him. I think of you often and learn from you always. I'm so glad God brought you into my life. I have learned much from you. You are so beautiful. Thank you for teaching us to follow your example. Your walk with the Lord is incredibly uplifting. You are in my thoughts and my prayers. You are so brave and so compliant with our God. May He bless you richly.

Rebeca said...

I continue to pray for you as you make these hard changes and cling to our Lord. May you and the children know His presence and love each moment.

Christy said...

Your faith and courage amaze me. I know it is of the Lord, because in our human grief, there is no way we can make progress like you are making! Thank you for encouraging your friends and showing us the greatness of God.


Zulma said...

Hi Heather,
I dear friend of mine told me about your page. Im so sorry that you are going through such a pain time of growth in the Lord. When all you can do is trust in God, that he has a perfect plan for you and your children. I was very blessed and ministered too, to read about your wedding ring and how you've choosen to move it to your other finger, Ive not yet found myself able to do that. I to lost my husband, who went home to be with the Lord, Jan. 5,2008. After a two battle with colon cancer. We have three boys and three girls. During this last two years the Lord really brought me such great support, in my family, friends and like you and wonderful church family. Your are right, on how important and supportive church family is and what a blessing. How Great is Our Great, and all will see how great He is, especially throught the hard times.
God Bless you, you and your children will be in my prayers always. God Bless you. Your Sister in Christ. Zulma

Sue said...


I read a post today on Anthony's blog. He lost his wife around the same time you lost Eric. Please read his post from Wed. March 5th.




da halls said...


I just wanted to say "Thank you" for being so real. Thank you for allowing perfect strangers into your world. I have been truly blessed by your transparency.
My heart aches for you and your children every time I think of you.

I pray for you.

I was at the Homeschool Encouragement day and had no idea that you were there until you were leaving (it didn't seem right to go running after you - you looked different than the pictures on your blog). I'm sorry I did not get a chance to meet you.

Again, thank you for being real. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
Mary Beth

Sanermom said...

Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog. I read it often. I am continuing to lift you and your children up in prayer.

I have a question: Where did you buy your Restoration Hardware Blue paint?
Lisa (mlsaner@juno.com)