Friday, March 7, 2008

A Very Important Side Note

In the midst of my grief I find myself having to deal with a political issue. Honestly, I love political issues normally but I even find that this Presidential race is not having an affect on my grief stricken mind. I could care less, at this moment,
who is running let alone who will win in November.
But, I have to deal with an issue that is being set before us Californians. To not deal with it will ultimately cause consequences not only for this generation but for many to come.
Here is an overview of the situation at hand:
The 2nd Appellate court of California stepped over their judicial bounds and ruled that homeschooling was not a constitutional right. They further went on to deem that officially California children could only be taught by a credited teacher.
This is Judicial tyranny at its best.
This is not only a Californian issue. If this ruling is allowed to stand it will become precedence of law and would likely help other states overturn their homeschooling laws.
The ramifications here in this state are, I believe, more than the state is bargaining for because it would mean not only homeschoolers needing to find a different avenue to teach but also private schools who do not employ credited teachers needing to change the way they "do" school.
As a mother who believes strongly that homeschooling is not only my legal right but my moral obligation I must get the word out to help those like HSLDA and Focus on the Family.
I am including the link to the petition at HSLDA. Please sign and pray. We must have this ruling depublished so that we can keep judges from creating laws from the bench and most importantly keep our right to home educate our children.


tenthstreetplace said...

Thanks Heather-
I am not a home school mom but I realize the importance of this issue and will sign and pass this link along to others.

Mrs. Jeannie Mitchell said...

AMEN!!! As a homeschool Mom of 25 years we have taught our children how to read,write,and most important, about Jesus Christ as our Lord, we don't want, or need any state involvement at all. This is uniting homeschoolers across the nation and not just homeschoolers but everyone who believes in parental rights. That's a great thing. What man meant to hurt us God has used to bless us.

Lisa said...

Thanks Heather!!
My husband and I have both signed the petition. I am also linking to it on my blog.
Continuing to pray for your family and am inspired by your honesty and your faith.

BelovedPeace said...

We are signing it!!!