Saturday, March 1, 2008

How You Live

As you can see on the side bar we finally got the video up from Eric's memorial service. This was put together by some friends of ours who browsed through thousands of pictures to make this sweet tribute.
The song is "How You Live" from Point of Grace. It seemed appropriate to use this song because at Christmas Eric declared to us that this was going to be our family's song for 2008. He challenged us to live each day to its fullest and live the love of Christ in our community, neighborhood, church, and in our family. I would encourage you to be challenged in the same way.
As a side note, you will need to pause the music from the music widget below the pictures before starting the video. Also, let me know if it is just too small. I can move it over into the blog area if you would like.


Jonathan Hunt said...

What a fantastic song, how fitting.

Every time I visit your site I am saddened, but far more inspired and filled with a very deep joy.

May God help us all to live each day without wasting a moment. No regets.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Or regrets. *sigh*

Fantastic Four said...

That is the most beautiful video! Beautiful song, beautiful family. I am so sorry for your loss!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thank you so much for sharing this part of Eric and your family with all of us. The video is awesome and it shows what a fun loving husband and daddy Eric must have been. We are still praying for you and your children.
grace and peace,

Laura in KY said...

Wonderful, wonderful video! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Always praying for you and your family.

Daniel said...

Hey Heather,

what's the best number for me to call? Me and your kids have a "veggie night" planned. LOL
thanks ---

Daniel said...

oh yah -

email me

Lisa said...

What a beautiful video. It show those everday moments that we so often take for granted. Your blog is such a tribute to your husband, your family and your faith. You are an inspiration to all that come here.
My children love to come and see your pictures because we pray for all of you each night.
May God continue to hold you tight.

Stacy said...

What a beautiful tribute.

You have a beautiful family and those pictures tell that Eric was an amazing daddy (and husband).

(((Love and prayers,)))

felmleyfam said...

what a privalege to see that tribute! Kyle and I watched it last night and were able to see just part of how your family lived life in loving one another for the glory of our Lord. Thank you for sharing. It would be nice to see it bigger since we will be privaleged to watch it again. yes, i am sure you miss him SO day and night so we will continue to lift your cares up to the Lord. Life is similar to that picture when you are all straddling the wall; constraining following the narrow way yet possible to do what seems impossible because of Christ!!! So thankful for the dear blood of our Savior and the fellowship of the saints; may you continue to be blessed by those around you to comfort you and those far away to pray for you.

CristyLynn said...

Thank you for sharing such loving memories.
We pray for you every day!

The Nahid Family said...

This was so sad, yet so inspiring to watch for me. I am truly convicted not to take my husband for granted, as I so often do. Your husband seemed such a fulfilled and happy man. This is a great tribute to you, as well. The Word says, whoever finds a wife finds a good thing. You made him a very happy and blessed man. And I know you feel the same way about him.

Thank you for your openness on this blog. My faith is being so built up by coming here. I grieve for your loss, but I rejoice for your husband who is in the presence of His creator. His mission here was completed, no matter how I do not understand this, I believe it. And the Lord desired that he be with Him now. Our God is perfect and good, and again, I don't understand His ways, but like you, I trust Him by faith, and I KNOW that He is SO close to you right now. He will walk with you through this valley of the shadow of death. Love to you, my sister in Christ.


Anonymous said...

I can just say ditto to what Tina said! Our family's faith is also being built stronger through your trial. I know God has the plan, and He is Sovereign...I just wish you all could have been together longer. But........... "to Him be glory both now and forever..." love, Denise

Shannon said...


thetysonfamily said...

How beautiful! And what a wonderful song. Thank you for sharing with us all.

Nancy said...

I listen, I cry, I pray, we all pray! You are all continually in our thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs all around, Nancy, Dave and Trinity

Sonja said...

Thank you for sharing something so special with us. You were so blessed with a wonderful husband.

That song is beautiful! I've heard it before, but never paid that close attention to the words. A favorite for sure now.

RachelMac said...

I loved the video!! What an incredible tribute to Eric and your whole family. Beautiful.
Rachel in Idaho

Deb Hitchcock said...

What a beautiful tribute to Eric's life with his family.

When I think of him now, I think of those same smiles and laughter as he rejoices with those he meets in heaven that are there because of him.

Thank you for sharing such a sweet part of your life with him, with the rest of the world. We are all better because of it.

XO Deb

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband and to your family's legacy that he helped create and get going. I continue to pray for you and your family from southern Oregon and trust that the Lord will continue to hold you tightly as he walks with you through this pain.

t said...


I wish I knew him.

prayers from central Texas