Sunday, March 23, 2008


One of my new blogging friends suggested that I give you all the ages and names of each child so that you know specifically how to pray for them. Well, in the interest of safety many of you know that I have chosen to give my children nicknames.
I will share those with you along with their ages.

  1. Boo turned 19 right before her daddy died. She is working on starting a sewing business making modest dresses for young ladies. She is also very interested in period costumes having already made dresses for the regency period, 40s and 50s. Prayer: She misses her daddy and is dealing with the fact that she will not have him around for all those upcoming, important events in her life. Prayer: God will heal her broken heart.

  2. Goose is 17. He is the spitting image of his dad and yet has my personality type. He is looking at the fields of fire or police for his future. His first passion is the mission field with Africa being dear to his heart. I also ask for wisdom for me as I try to figure out how to surround Goose with a godly support team. Eric and I felt it very important that my role as a mother during these pre-adult years was more of a loving support. Eric took over the training when Goose reached about eleven or twelve. I now have to look outside of our home walls to provide this much needed encouragement and admonishment. Thankfully we are surrounded with incredible, godly men who love our family and understand Eric's passion. Prayer: He will be traveling to Canada, by himself, to visit some friends on the mission field. Also, guidance for his future vocation.

  3. Miss M just turned 14. She loves horses of which we have none but she makes do with her rabbit and our chickens. She has a very tender heart and incredible writing skills. She has been the most open with her feelings and I appreciate the fact that she just sits and cries with me. She too would like to be on the mission field as a nurse/midwife. She prays for a husband that has this same desire. Prayer: God would calm her broken heart

  4. Daisy is 12. She is incredibly happy most of the time. She loves just about everything and everyone in life. She is my other kid that looks like Eric but she also has his personality. She is fun loving, athletic, and ski-n-ny! This sweet girl is struggling right now. She is not necessarily a very emotional person but I believe that she is not dealing properly with her feelings. Prayer: She was there when Eric collapsed. I continue to ask the Lord to erase those memories from her mind and heal her hurt.

  5. Lil' Cowboy just turned 8. Of course, according to his birth certificate he should be 7 and yet we think he could even be 9 or 10! He is doing very well. Nana has been helping him learn how to read (schooling is not on the top of my to-do list right now) and he is having a lot of fun with her. I know he misses his daddy. He only knew Eric for a little less than two years but there was a fast bond there. This kiddo is all into swords, guns, ropes, anything boy. Prayer: He has now said good-bye to three parent figures. Such loss in just eight years of living!

  6. Brown Sugar will be three in July. She is a handful. Ever since Eric's death she has begun to act up. When she does not get her way she screams loudly and flales...something she did not do before the memorial. I am exhausted just being her mommy let alone being a mommy to the other children. She is also clingy. It is many times that I wonder out loud if the Lord knew what he was doing taking this little girl's daddy away and leaving her with a mommy that is already struggling with her own grief. I am standing firm in my resolve to discipline and train her in the same way that Eric and I would have if he was still here but it is a lonely and tiring road to walk down. On the positive side, if you ask her where her daddy is she will say "Daddy in heaven with Jesus". Precious! Prayer: That Brown Sugar will work through her grief in a quieter way.

As I begin to look at starting up school again, keeping up with the household chores, and training the children I would appreciate your prayers not only for me but for each child. This is the darkest valley I have ever crossed and your prayers are an incredible blessing to my family.



Finally Free said...

Thank you for giving a little tid bit about each of you precious children. I will be in prayer for them.

Kelly said...

Thank you Heather for sharing this road you are on with us as well as a little more into the lives of your children...I have printed this post out and will keep in specific prayer for you all...I am so sad for you that you are going through this and many times catch myself crying for you at odd times even while I am driving the car or at the grocery store etc... Your faith encourages and astounds me. I am learning so much through your current walk. What a beautiful legacy you and your beloved are leaving to many that are unknown to you!
In the love of Christ!
Kelly in Tucson, Az

Lisa said...

I echo Kelly's thoughts. Your transparency during this most difficult journey amazes and inspires me. What a testimony you are! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out and I'm honored to be just one of the many holding each of you up in prayer. May you feel our prayers especially during those intensely dark times.

monica said...

He Has Risen!!!

What a day of rejoicing. Eric is home with Him right now because He is risen and because of Eric's devotion to the Lord. Thank you for writing down the specific prayer requests for your children. A month ago or so you had named all your children so we have been praying for each one but like I have mentioned before to know specifics is wonderful. God tells us to pray specifically and then to be quiet and wait expectantly for Him to answer. I konw that training your children on your own can be difficult but I remember as a single mom that God is my husband and that through Him all is possible. We are not alone He is with us every step of the way and when I feel exhausted and defeated I fall to my knees and say "God I cannot do this alone I need your guidance, wisdom and strength to raise this child. Please give me the patience, grace and mercy to raise my son that your Son Jesus Christ displayed. Thank you heavenly Father for always being there to comfort, encourage, strengthen me and for always hearing my prayers." I will be praying for you in that regard to Heather. God is working in you right now and doing wonderful things it is so apparent. Even the road is hard just focus on the love of our Savior and the love that you and Eric were so blessed to experience. Much love to you and your family.

Love in Christ,
Monica and Xavier

godlover said...

Thanks for the info on the kids it will make my prayers for your family more meaningful to me. I will pray specifically that Brown Sugar will settle down. She just knows that something's not right and she doesn't fully understand what that something is and so she's acting out in the only way she knows how. I can't thank you enough for sharing your grief with us out here, total strangers with kindred hearts, because I have learned so much from you. Your faith gives me so much encouragement. We are all designed to carry the weight of each other's cross. And I am privileged to be just one of the many that help carry yours. God will supply you with everything you need but it's going to be a long dark road to walk. I have filled pages in my prayer journal about you and your family. But I still catch myself crying for you at odd moments, wishing I could walk that road for you but it just doesn't work that way. Take care and lean on Jesus. He knows exactly what you feel and He can supply you with all the grace you need to make it through each and every day. It's beautiful up here in the foothills today. Wish you could all pile into the car and take a nice drive up. The wildflowers are blooming everywhere and all the hills are carpeted in green grass. Trees are in bloom and some of them are just beginning to put forth leaves in that luminescent new-leaf green. The sky is a vibrant blue today. This is the place for long walks and long talks with the Lord. May His face turn and shine upon you today. The pain never goes away, Heather, but it does ease with time.
In Christ's love ...
Marj in Calaveras County

TnFullQuiver said...

The list is very helpful as we who do not know you or your children lift you up in prayer. Thanks for taking the time to share your prayer needs for each child. And yes, we will continue to pray here in East Tennessee.
grace and peace,

Quinne said...

Hi Heather :) Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. It is a blessing to be able lift you and your sweeties up in a more personal way.

I will pray for you as you continue to parent and teach and train - for courage and strength and lots of joy, too. Love, Q

As One Voice said...

We will be praying for each of you according to your requests - what a difficult road - how ever more precious the Saviour.

Continuing before the throne of grace ~ Diana

Joy said...

We pray for you guys every night at family worship, and throughout the day as the Lord brings you to our minds.

Lisa said...

We have prayed for you and your family everyday since we read about Eric's passing. We have been praying for Little Cowboy because of the post about him asking the neighbor if he was going to be his dad. Now we can pray specifically for each child.
Your faith is inspirational. May God continue to give you the strength you need to get through this difficult time.

felmleyfam said...

If goose needs a place to stay or stop for dinner he is welcome in Bellingham (2hours north of Seattle, 20 minutes south of Canada). Kyle would be blessed to share his life as a firefighter with him and anyone that may be on the journey north. Feel free to email us if you or goose would like this option I just thought you always called them by those names. I was just asking about a kiddo update and then I got on and here it is! thank you. Marcus (4) has been singing be thou my vision since your post and we remember you in our prayers and in our singing! You are doing a great job with your children. And, if Boo has pictures or a catalog she emails we would love to be her customers.

felmleyfam said...

for brown sugar
when she is down playing with something else or someone else (which i know is rare since she is clingy) just go over to her and hug her and hold her. maybe she will want back down (my personal experience, but not during a time of grief, just having four under four). she will feel your love and hopefully resume what she was doing. she will feel your love and effort and may become more secure amdidst her neediness. i hope this simple suggestion doesn't seem too petty amidst all you are going through. i know it is tough and i don't want this to come across incorrectly or at the wrong time. love to you!

homeskoolmom5883 said...

Continuing to pray for you and cry with you.
Lord, continue to lift Heather up and strengthen her for this journey you've given her. Thank you for her steadfast faith in you. Give her wisdom as she makes decisions for her family now that Eric is with you. Thank you for the support system of God-fearing friends and family nearby and far off. Father continue to give her comfort and peace. Touch each of the children with their particular need; most especially Cowboy and Brown Sugar as they've already experienced hugh losses in their short lives. Lord continue to keep this family close to you during this most difficult time. I praise you for your glory being revealed to those far and wide through the Davis family. You are so good in the midst of joy or pain. In the name of the most holy Savior and Lord, Amen

Mrs. Jeannie Mitchell said...

Dear Heather,
I keep praying for you and yours. The Lord continue to give you strength as you be both Dad and Mom. HE is faithful!! Wish I could give you a big Hug!

CristyLynn said...


I know Russia is a far cry from Africa, but if we can ever be of assistance for Goose (i.e. hosting him here, just talking, etc.) we'd love to help in any way we can. Just let us know.

We pray for you all regularly.

-The Slawsons

Jonathan Hunt said...

A big thank-you for sharing this.

Erin said...

I'm going to print this post as a reminder for these requests. The girls and I pray every morning at breakfast for you and now we will also be specific with petitions for the kids. Also, I wanted to tell you that the ladies from our small group always ask about you and we continue to pray for you every time we meet. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am blessed to know you.