Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mr. Handyman

I no longer have my handsome Mr. Handyman to help me with the electrical, plumbing, and just regular home and car repairs.
Today a local handyman called to let me know that he saw a part of our fence down. He wants to replace it for free. This is such a wonderful gift and I receive it with a thankful heart. But, it also caused the floodgates to open again. Eric fixed everything not just to save money (and that it did!) but also because he loved to fiddle with things. He loved to learn how to do something new. I am going to miss not only being able to lean on his ability to learn and repair but also I will miss the companionship while he was fixing or building something.
You would find me sitting beside him quietly (that shoulder to shoulder thing) or talking about the latest dreams we were concocting. You would find our kids perched next to him learning the ins and outs of electricity or how to change an oil filter. You would find us girls in the kitchen fixing lunches and serving ice water. These are sweet memories which I will cherish but at the moment they are bittersweet.


Duane & Patricia said...

Mmmm, yes. My husband, Duane, and Eric would have been great friends had they ever met. That will have to wait now. Several years ago, after Duane and I were married maybe a year, I told the assistant pastors wife how he would come home from work and tell me every conversation he had had that day. You know what she said to me? "You're a good wife." I say the words of Scripture to you, Heather. "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing."

As One Voice said...

Continuing to remember you before the Father as you move through each adjustment.


Cena said...

Oh, Heather, Dan calls the companionship of "watching" him do a project "Being my girlfriend." If he fiddles with a car, or fixes something he asks me to be his girlfriend. I think it goes back to the courtship days when we hung on each others every word, and I would gladly sit out in the rain holding an umbrella while he changed a tire! Thank you for making me thankful again. In prayer for you all,