Thursday, April 24, 2008


I seem to have taken a few steps back in the tear department. I had been doing well for about a week and a half and then it just hit me. Last night I cried for quite a long time. It is an amazing feeling when you are sobbing and yet feel such a peace about what you are doing. This is not a self-absorbed, self-focused sob but rather a deep pain. This reminds me of a wonderful article that Nancy Wilson wrote on her blog Femina. It is a well written article explaining the differences between grief and discontentment. Click here if you would like to read it.
Actually, I am writing to ask that you continue to pray for our family. I knew there would be ups and downs I just wish they were more predictable. Tomorrow is a very difficult day for us. First, I will be visiting our family physician who saw Eric five days before he collapsed. He was very taken aback by his death. This man is not a Christian...he knows we are. Please pray that I will be a very bright, shining light in his dark world.
Second, we are traveling from the Doctor's appointment to a bonfire outing that our church is having this weekend. It will be a challenge to keep the emotions under control. Our family loved going to this family's house and we have made a lot of memories over the few years that we have known each other. I just need strength to get through this time. It also isn't the easiest to be around intact, happy families right now. I don't begrudge them their happiness and I surely do not envy it but I miss it.
Last but not least, if you check out my comments section you will realize that my oldest son, Goose, is not at home right now. Our church paid his way to a remote island in Northern Canada (above Prince Edward Island) to visit some missionary friends of ours. My son has a wonderful relationship with the father and sons of this family and we (the elders and I) are hoping that this two and a half week "vacation" would help Goose understand the sacrifice that missionaries have to make to live on the mission field and also encourage him in the new life that the Lord has set before him. One of Goose's desires is to be a missionary someday. I am profoundly grateful for an Elder board that wishes to help me and Goose figure out what the Lord has for his future. We also hope that he is an encouragement to them as they live on this very remote, spiritually dark island. He will be coming home on Tuesday. I miss him terribly and can't wait to see his smiling face again.
So, there you go. A long list of requests that I would love for you to help me lift before the Father from whom all blessings flow!


Rebecca said...

Thank you for being so specific with your prayer needs. This helps give our family direction on praying for you and your family. Thank you for your honesty and your faithful to our God. I remember and pray for you often.

Karen said...

Although I lift you up regularly, I appreciate knowing which direction to pray. (Even though God knows, I prefer a little direction!) Anyhow, I will be praying this weekend.

sheep wanderer said...

Thank you for sharing Lazyd, I'm praying.

Liz, UK

Laurie said...

I will be praying for your weekend to be blessed and for you to receive new restoring strength, knowing you belong with these friends and with the Lord. Tears are good and come at the most unexpected times but are healing to the soul. I hope Goose blesses you with stories of his adventures when he gets home. How exciting for you all. Prayers continue for your family from down here in Capistrano Beach, Ca.

Laurie in So. Ca.

Mrs. Jeannie Mitchell said...

Dear Heather,
The Lord has given you a great way of expressing yourself. Thanks for letting me know how to pray.
I will continue to pray for you and yours.

The Herd said...

I will lift you up in these areas too...we are leaving to be missionaries in St. Petersburg Russia this summer if he ever wants another place to visit:). We will be working with graduated orphans teaching them life skills and leading them in the training of the Lord as they live with our family.
Karen(from Texas, at least for now:) )

Copper's Wife said...

As others have said, it's nice to know, specifically, how to direct my prayers for you now. Love you, friend!

Corrie said...

storming the gates of heaven on your behalf....

TnFullQuiver said...

Still praying for you and your family here in East Tennessee!
grace and peace,

Heather said...


We are praying for you and will continue to pray.

Love, Heather P. from Patriarch's Wives

godlover said...

You are and will forever be in my prayers.

felmleyfam said...

so thankful that your nearness to death keeps you caring about others souls (the doctor etc)! Praying for the docs salvation. You are the light of the world a city that sets on a hill cannot be hid matthew 5:14. What a sweet light you are! Also praying for you as you are with your friends now, that you would have the Lord's wisdom as you handle your grief and emotions. Praying for goose as well. So thankful to lift you before out Lord.

Quinne said...

Hi Heather :)
Yes! I will pray with you in these specific ways. It will be a joy to read how the Father blessed in these areas. Love, Q

monica said...


You and your family are in our prayers daily but like mentioned by others it is good to have specific needs prayed for. We will definately be praying for the Doctors salvation and for light of the Holy Spirit to shine brightly from you. Also that this time with your friends would be not a time of sadness but of encouragement and wonderful memories as well as new beginnings. Also for Goose and that his time spent away would be truly blessed and the Lord would speak to him clearly. May this trip be one of spiritual growth and much fruit. We think of you often throughout the day and am so glad that the Lord lead us to your blog so that we can be praying for you. Lots of love sweetie. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord. Tunnel vision for the Lord is what I call it.

Monica and Xavier

Anonymous said...

Heather, I just wanted you to know that I am praying for ya'll tons still. -kathy

homeskoolmom5883 said...

Praying for these things specifically. May God continue to bless you with His peace, may he bless Goose and bring him home with a renewed vision and direction for his life. May He bless you as you are facing a fun but in some ways lonely situation. We love you dear!

BelovedPeace said...

I'm praying for you all!!!!
Lots of Love,

Lesa said...

I will continue to keep you and your family in my daily prayers.
Sometimes you have to cry feel better. It's part of healing.
Keep hanging in there - God has a great plan in store for you!