Saturday, July 26, 2008

Valley Home Educators Convention

Whew!  I am tired.  We spent the last couple of days "hanging out" at our local home school convention which has really become one of the bigger Northern California conventions.  This year our church had a booth...a really cool encourage homeschool families in their endeavor to teach and train their children.  I was not sure if it would be a very busy booth but chocolate always draws a crowd.  Lisa (dear friend) really came up with this idea as she does most great ideas that I get to be involved in.  She had a sign made that basically said we are here to encourage you and we have chocolate.  Her family brought in their two leather recliners and we watched as tired mom after tired mom came to rest, eat, and talk about their homeschooling experience.  
The gals that helped in this booth were all experienced homeschooling moms who just wanted to listen and give a helpful word to those who would listen.  By the end of the conference Lisa and I were talking about how we really felt that this booth not only met a need but was very successful in fulfilling its mission. 

I must admit that I am a huge book lover!  So, some of my time was spent at Books Bloom pouring over old, much loved books.  I have truly overrun our wall of books and now I am trying to figure out new places to add bookshelves.  We were able to use our school fund to buy great readers for the kids and I now have a huge stack of new books to devour.  Most of them are on American government since that is one of the subjects we are addressing this year.  

I was also able to meet a lot of people that knew who I was because of this blog.  How exciting it was to talk to those who have been praying for us.   I met Becky who lost her husband suddenly one and a half years ago.  She is the mother of eight and was such an encouragement as she truly understands all that I am going through.   An added bonus was meeting Linda Hobar who wrote my absolute favorite history program - Mystery of History.   We went to dinner with her last night and had such a great time.  

I go to this particular conference to motivate myself to get back into the books.  That is truly what I was encouraging some first time home school moms to relax and enjoy this wonderful gift of teaching our children I was encouraged at the same time.  I sat through two lectures on American government and economics that were so stimulating.  Oooooh how I love to learn...and, that is the primary lesson that I want my children to learn before they leave home.  If you can teach yourself and know how to use the resources around you to teach yourself you are a better person for it.   
So, back to the drawing board as we plan the new school year!


Crayl said...

I was sitting here planning out our school year when I realized we are missing a few things. Then I saw your post, I had no idea there was a convention so nearby. I would have been there! I am sad I missed it, as well as a missed opportunity to maybe meet you. Oh well, :), happy planning!

godlover said...

Glad to see you doing school stuff! I know how important homeschooling is to you. I would like to think I would have homeschooled my boys if it had been available as an option back then.

Almost time to leave for church so I best get my bottom in gear. Oops, I need to make my bed first; better go.


Matthew said...

It was great seeing you there. I bet you went to Mr. W's classes. You should go to his Government class. 10 weeks of pure joy.

Carmon Friedrich said...

I'm sorry I missed it this year, Heather! Sounds wonderful, and Jan Bloom's booth is so much fun. Love the idea of chocolate and recliners for the moms. Last year I talked to a lot of struggling moms and tried to give encouragement and hope.