Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Unexpected

Wow! I did not see this coming. I did think that it could be hard BUUUTTT I did not think that it would make me cry. More than just cry....I mean really cry.
Maybe it is because the kids are not here. They are at a dear friends house for the next couple of days. Maybe it is because it reminds me that everything has changed.
What is it that has caused these unexpected emotions?
Creating the new weekly schedule.

Eric used to take the kids camping for a long weekend so that I could create the new schedule, make copies, put together binders, and get organized. I kind of like to be organized.
This year our friends down the street remembered this and opened up their home for my kiddos for the next couple of while I work on school.
It is taking much more time for me this year but hey, at least we are getting somewhere.


Crayl said...

How wonderful that God reminded your friends, and now you have this chance to do what needs to get done! Thank you for sharing your journey so we can pray for you along the way. It's nice to know specifically how to hold a sister up.

I'm home now what? said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You have helped me understand my mom better some 30 years after my own dad died and I was 4. She had a relationship like you did with Eric and I never understood her grieving till I was told about Eric being in the hospital. I've been following your story and praying for you along the way. I think you are doing a great job keeping things as steady as you are for your family.

godlover said...

You have an incredible amount of strength, Heather. I can't even imagine me carrying on after my husband's death, let alone do it as well as you are. I'm afraid I'd just have my hands up in the air screaming that I can't go on. God has been so good to you to never let you down. Never give you more temptation than you can handle. What a faithful God we have. He not only makes promises; He keeps them.
Here's hoping for a great school year for you and yours. Maybe settling down to a new routine will tie up some of these emotional loose ends for you.


DeniseinSC said...

Heather, our family has been praying for you and the kids since Eric went to be with Jesus. I don't leave comments often,but please know you're prayed for! As well, I KNOW how busy you are, but I wonder if I can email you a few questions to get your opinions. I promise it won't be a huge email! Thanks!!If so, would you please email me your email address?