Friday, August 15, 2008

Unexpected Friends

Today I had lunch with a new friend. She has been visiting my blog for awhile now and lives in the town just north of here. Nothing unusual about this right? What makes this friendship unusual is where I met her. She was a student RT (respiratory therapist) when Eric was in the hospital here in town last November.
It is hard to compare my visit to Emanuel hospital with my visit to Mercy hospital. For one, Eric did not die at Emanuel. I have fond memories of this hospital and the people I met there. We were in a very new Intensive Care Unit and the six days we were there were not filled with worries of death but rather hope for healing.
When I first walked into Eric's ER room at Mercy everything changed for me. The Doctors at both hospitals were kind and the nurses were hard working. But, at Mercy there was a feeling of dread, of expectation that Eric was not doing well. It also didn't help that Mercy is a very old hospital and in much need of remodeling.
I walked away from Emanuel with a few new friends and Tanya is one of them. We had a wonderful time at lunch. I did have to warn her that I have had a hard time keeping the tears at bay lately. I shared my story and she shared more of hers. I found out that I actually know her husband and graduated with him. Yep...from the same highschool! Kind of a small world don't you think?

Thank you for all of your prayers. I have been exhorted by a friend (he also happens to be my elder) to slow down and relax. Little did he know that "relax" was Eric's favorite word to use with me. If you have been visiting my blog for anytime you can get the idea that we are a family that is always on the move. This continuous fast pace life is wearing me thin and so I am going to start saying no. I have always had Eric here to say no for me. I guess this is a part of the lessons that will be learned during this period of my life....another part of my sanctification.
To God be the Glory!


TnFullQuiver said...

I too find it hard to say "no". It can cause a lot of frustrations. Sounds like great Godly advice especially for someone who has traveled the road as you have traveled this past 6 months. You are still very much in my heart and prayers all the way in East Tennessee.
grace and peace,

not2brightGRAM said...

Dearest Heather, I think the advice given you is some of the best you'll get.

Slow down.

Just breathe.

Be still.

The projects and the plans will wait.

Your pain may intensify as you allow yourself the time to think instead of do, but it's there anyway, and needs to be expressed. It can never be out-run. Whichever way you turn, it's waiting.

The beautiful thing is that the Lord has spoken to you through your elder. And, the Word likewise instructs us.

Love you Friend!

Alesha said...

Praise the Lord for wise counsel and honest friends!

Still keeping you in prayer about the things you mention here on your blog.

A friend of copper's wife,

godlover said...

Isn't it amazing how our friends come from all walks of life and different circumstances? Glad you had a good lunch. Heather, what was the actual cause of Eric's death? I've been reading your blog since he died but I don't think I've ever read what it was exactly that caused his death. (If this causes you pain, please don't respond to my question.) I'm so sorry you have had to go through so much. It's hard to have your life turned upside down when you liked it just fine the way it was. It's good to know someone is there to tell you to relax when you need to. We all could use more friends like that. And it's even better to know that you have so many prayers holding you up every moment of your day. Take care my friend and rest in the Lord. Let Him be doing all the worrying, for He surely will.