Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hard Decisions

I have decided to run for office. I have always loved the political process and think I would make a great candidate. If I start with the city council I could work my way up in the hopes of maybe becoming a Senator. I must thank Palin for setting up this opportunity to help be a light in this very dark world.

Now before you all call the CVP elder board and ask them to sit and talk with me I must confess that this is not even a consideration (most of you would have already figured that out by now). I had this thought though as I was pondering the political debate that has begun among Conservative Christians. So, I beg the question...why would you council me not to run for office? Is there a double standard or is it that we just do not know her personally and so we can't "judge" her heart or her family for how they are living. This woman has five children that NEED their mother. This woman has a Downs Syndrome baby that needs its mother.
The arguement goes like this...I am voting for McCain/Palin because Palin is a conservative just like me. Yeah, she is a woman but God used women in the Bible to rule and anyway, McCain/Palin are better than Obama.

That is the arguement so many are using right now. I have a different view that is not going to be very popular. In fact, I will tell you that most of my extended family will not agree with me on this issue. But, I think it is time to share what I feel is very important...I have always confessed to being a political junky!

Someone recently said "the lesser of two evils is still evil". The evil here is snubbing the law of God when it comes to the woman's role in this world. When looking at the whole council of God we are given the particular role of woman in society and the church. They are to be subject to man. Like it or not that is what the Word says. We have a particular role that we play in this world as does man being in submission to Christ.

We have always held the position that a woman should not hold an office because it usurps the authority that God has established and it also allows men to abdicate their responsibility.
Deborah, the one hailed in some circles as the answer to our political quagmire was not a blessing to the children of Israel. She was a judgement. So, whenever a woman comes up for election we either vote for her opponent or abstain from voting that particular office. If God wants to place a woman in office He can do it without my help.
BUT...her pro-life stance should outweigh your opinion of a woman's role in government. At least that is what some would say. How come? The role of a woman is as much a foundational, Biblical principle as life itself.
Both issues are important and that is why we can not vote for one over the other. Really, this is kind of a mute point anyhow because of the basic fact that God ordains the Presidents of this world. Anyone who is in power is there because God ordained it. My small vote will not change that. I can and must vote for the right candidate who upholds a Biblical point of view. Hence the reason why we have not voted Republican for a long, long time. I (and two of my children) must stand in front of God someday and give an account for my actions. I am bound to a higher goal, a grander vision than a Presidency. If I vote for anything less I am not living my faith...I am showing that I don't really believe in God's sovereignty.

I think the debate is good but I have a feeling that there is some foul play afoot. For years people like James Dobson have said that they would not promote or vote for a candidate that was not pro-life. Good for them. But, what if the candidate was pro-life but happened to be a woman? What then? Possibly the enemy knows or at least hopes that we are willing to give in a little and compromise our convictions.
Something to think about.
By the way, for those of you who are curious...we are voting for a third party.


Aurora said...


I've been reading your blog since Eric passed. I don't know you, I found your blog through a link on another blog. You and your family are in my nightly prayers. Although we have different theologies, I've always enjoyed your perspective. I have to admit, I couldn't disagree more with your assessment here. I could bring up my theological reasons for disagreeing, but I see no point in arguing about it. I can respect your choice to believe what you believe.

I am not voting for a pastor. I'm voting for political leader. If that political leader can make decisions that are in the interest of family and Christian living, then I don't care what chromosomes they have or what color their skin is or how they wear their hair. I rest better knowing that I used the vote that God gave me and used it actively.

I admit that I become easily frustrated when I see fellow Christians complaining about potentially losing the right to homeschool their children or having sex education and abortion rammed down their kids' throats when they refuse to actually use their votes to protect those very rights. If I thought a third party candidate could win, I wouldn't mind, but I don't know how your conscience can rest easier by (essentially) not casting a ballot.

I am voting with conviction, and it's for McCain and Sarah Palin. Like I said, I respect your right to feel the way you do, but I wouldn't be surprised if the things we've come to hold dear are taken from us by the liberals.

Regardless, I feel that the point of contention here is that we share different theologies about free will and the manifestation of God's sovereignty. That's fine, but don't believe that all Conservative Christians have a moral dilemma here. It's simply not the case.

Diane said...

This isn't about feelings. This is about love for God which manifests itself in obedience and trust in Him. Heather you encourage me. This kind of faith is minimal here in the Portland aria. It's lonely here, I'm so blessed to have found your blog. I also find myself pleading our Lord for mercy for you in your grief. I'm so sorry. May the Lord continue to give you strength. Your husbands death was not in vain. Thank you for loving God.

Lazy D Ranch said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my post. But, thank you even more for your prayers.
I am afraid that we will have to agree to disagree. But, thanks for your opinion all the same. ~Heather

Crayl said...

Heather, I am so happy to hear you are actually still voting. So often I have read, or heard, the same argument followed by "That's why we are not voting at all". While many feel a vote for a third party is wasted, if enough people that really didn't believe in the main 2 parties voted that way, who knows what would happen? It does send a clear message as well.

L said...


I "met" you and found your blog through the PW group. We pray for you and your family and are so encouraged by how you endeavor to stand on the Rock, even while the tides of emotion, grief and hurt roll, and they will.

In a Church that is so much ruled by self and emotion these days, your stand on Christ through the emotions is a refreshing example of glorifying the Lord in and through your grief.

We have friends currently living a similar path that you've been down with their wife, daughter, sister and aunt for the past 40 days.

Having from a distance walked down this path with you has helped me to walk this path at a more intimate level with our dear friends. You don't know how far reaching your ministry is!

On your post's topic, we totally, 100%, agree with your stand on voting for our civil magistrates. We, too, believe we can ONLY vote for one who is Scripturally qualified for being a civil magistrate.

We must vote in a way that is honoring to the Lord and His Word, not on pragmatic political arguments and fears. We must fear the Lord, not politics.

The Lord is on His Throne and He will place the one He wants as civil magistrate. If it is one of judgment, our nation and church should be on its knees in humble repentance for our numerous sins against Him.

There are many good posts out on this subject. We have chosen to just post Scripture to comment on this issue. That way, if someone wants to argue, they can argue with Scripture, not our commentary.

Keep standing fast on The Rock. Huddle under the comfort and shelter of His Wing. Hang onto Him in the cleft of the rock.

He is faithful!

In Him,
Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

Copper's Wife said...

You aren't alone on this one.

Valerie said...

Laralee, what scriptures are you refering to regarding this issue and women's role in the secular world? I'd like to check those out.


Anonymous said...

I too am with you 100% on this.
May the Lord continue to bless you and your family Heather!!!

heartathome said...

A hardy "AMEN", Heather, from our family to yours! God is good!

Melissa said...

I wrote a huge long comment and it somehow got erased...so I am going to sum it up.

AMEN! I agree with you 100% The day the Palin ticket was announced, I cried. Not because now couldn't vote for McCain, I already was not going to do that. I cried because I knew it was a beautiful political move, that would bring to pass what we are seeing today. I called a friend who I was sure was going to be just as devastated. Much to my surprise, she was thrilled with the pick. I was stunned. I have seen ALL of my "ultra conservative friends" fall for the lie that the lesser of two evils is better.

I have five children. I don't know what this election will mean for their future as Americans. I do know that my husband and I have told them their entire lives (well the last three months for the little ones) that God's ways are always right no matter what. We have spent their entire lives telling them the value of the role of women as wives and mothers. That God's design for women was to be a help meet to her husband, to be a worker AT HOME, and to raise her children. We have taught them that the Word says when we abandoned those roles, the word of God is blasphemed. Should we now compromise all we have taught them to be true, for the sake of avoiding an Obama presidency. God forbid. I am firmly convinced that would be more damaging to them than Obama could ever be. If my faith is no good at times like this, then it is no good at all. Our children will see their father and mother stand for what they believe to be true. No matter what. Though everyone else we know and love disagrees. Our children will see us cast our vote for a third party. They will know why. They will know that we fear God and not man. We believe that, will live with them long after this next presidency is over. Maybe, just maybe, little by little, by the time they can vote, the third party will be a viable candidate. Then they won't have to hear the lie that a vote for the third party is a vote for evil.

The Nahid Family said...

Hi Heather,
I must say that I use to believe some of what you are saying after reading books on being a Christian woman, wife, etc, but now I truly believe it is a much more complex issue than it is black and white.

I don't believe at all that Deborah was a "judgement" to the nation of Israel. This definitely connotates something negative.

She called herself a "mother in Israel" and this is how the people saw her. She had a mother's heart for her people. Barak would not even go into battle without her going with him. She was also a brave warrior, a righteous, godly, god-fearing, wise woman full of faith and love for God.

She was also a married woman and presumably had children, although it doesn't specifically say. Her husband must have supported her 100% in her calling by God as a judge over His Chosen people.

In the original Hebrew, the word help-meet is better defined as "life-saver, power, strength, or partner." When this word was translated into English, much was lost in translation. We as Gentile believers with a very greek, roman mindset, have not understood the truest meaning of this word. It doesn't mean that we were created to be a helper on the side, helping the man be all he can be. We are a totally equal and crucial part in the unity of marriage as a whole.

Have you read the book "Captivating" by Stasi Eldredge? I highly recommend this book. It is phenomenal and amazing. Just opens so much about the heart of a woman and how she was created by God in all His glory!

You must remember that even the Proverbs 31 woman was a business woman with an entrepeneurial spirit. She was definitely in charge of her home, taking care of her children, but she was a "delegator." She had maids and servants to whom much of the domestic work was left to. Remember, she "gave a portion" of the meat to her maidens, before she left out in the morning to buy fields, sell her goods, and extend out her hands to the needy and poor?

We CANNOT as Christians say in any way, shape or form, that a woman's only role is that of a wife and mother in the home. That is just not biblical. It IS true that home life is CENTRAL, that it is the heartbeat of society, that is is the place of worship, prayer, teaching of scripture, etc.

We must understand that the communal life of biblical times is not the life we have in modern America. In biblical times, the mother was in the home, as well as her servants, her own mother, aunts, cousins, mother in law, etc. Everything was a group effort. I do not believe it was EVER God's intent on the mother carrying the entire weight of her home single-handedly. This was huge when I learned this. It was a huge weight lifted off of me.

I love your site and I read it regularly. But, I just felt like I had to post on this one. We can certainly agree to disagree, but I believe that after learning what I am learning about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, that we have lost so much understanding of what the Bible means in so many areas of life.

Blessings to you! And may the Lord bless the home, husband and children of Sarah Palin, and may she go forth in the righteous spirit of Deborah!


godlover said...

Stirred the waters on this one. Still praying for you and yours daily and hoping it's getting better. I keep reminding myself that if religion can't take the tough questions it wasn't much of a religion in the first place. It's good to have our juices stirred occasionally. As long as we live what we believe. All I can say is that God's got a lot of surprises for us when we get to where we're going. Take care, Heather, and I pray that you will feel the nearness of Eric on these long days and even longer nights.

elkjeld said...

In an interview Barack Obama gave to Christianity Today (CT) in January of this year he said, "I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life. But most importantly, I believe in the example that Jesus set by feeding the hungry and healing the sick and always prioritizing the least of these over the powerful. I didn't 'fall out in church' as they say, but there was a very strong awakening in me of the importance of these issues in my life. I didn't want to walk alone on this journey. Accepting Jesus Christ in my life has been a powerful guide for my conduct and my values and my ideals."

So i wonder, for anyone who prefers to vote for a 3rd party candidate why did you not consider Barack Obama? Most conservative Christians I speak to would have never considered him because he's a Democrat. If you are a conservative Christian, I ask you, when was the last time you voted for a Democrat in a federal election? Apparently God does not approve of Democrats. They must be the "evil" in the "lesser of two evils" parable.

I'll withhold space and save you all the agony of other statements from John McCain sharing his stories about his faith. Many conservative Christians also said they'd never vote for John McCain because he has not consistently been in the pro-life camp as a lawmaker. Additionally, it seemed that they were saying, even though he claimed to be a Christian, many times he didn't act like one. John McCain is the "lesser" in the "lesser of two evils" parable.

Some conservative Christians (yes i do consider myself one of them) said that with the addition of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket, now they REALLY have a reason not to vote for McCain. Now, they will come out and vocally support a "3rd party candidate". So, now I wonder who is the 3rd party candidate?

Many conservative Christians still long for the dream that Ron Paul could have been the Republican candidate for President. In as much, I assume many of the conservatives mean they'll vote for him as that 3rd party candidate. Ron Paul is a strong libertarian and a vocal Christian who ran as a Republican. Libertarians aren't bad like Democrats they just think a little different from most conservative Christians. Mr. Paul doesn't hold to the Proverbs 31 view of women. One of his daughters is an OB/GYN just like dad. I'm assuming he encouraged her down this path since he's made a point that he paid for her education without any federal subsidy at all. Additionally, by nature Libertarians are strict Constitutionalists and the last time I looked at the Constitution, it didn't say anything about the United States being a Christian Country or that we should only promote Christian values. My personal preference would be that we did, but Libertarians do not add or subtract anything from the Constitution. In essence they would definitely be in favor of the separation of church and state.

So, if I voted for Ron Paul I could vote for a Christian who was unwilling to bring his Christian worldview to Washington with him or I could vote for Obama (the baby killer) who definitely doesn't bring his Old Testament Law with him or I could vote for McCain who is not supporting Proverbs 31 and encouraging women to stay at home with their husbands and children. Perhaps then Ron Paul is the "lesser, lesser of three evils."

Perhaps anyone we cast our vote for is Evil? "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

Now if we lived in a theocracy (a form of government in which God is recognized as the supreme civil ruler) similar to the time of Judges (believe me I understand there were times of God's blessing and times of God's curse and punishment on the Israelites for their actions), I could easily see that I should not Support a woman in any elected civil position. Those positions should be held by men, Godly leaders of the church; however we don't live in a theocracy and I'm not voting for a leader of my church. I'm voting for the President and Vice President of the Civil Government. Do i desire that there will be strong Christian men who would take their Biblical worldviews into politics as the Confessions encourage? Yes! So for the time being I need to vote for the candidate that I think will bring the most Biblical worldview to government as possible.

I know it's not Barack Obama (he's the baby killer that loves legislating murder for innocent babies).

It's probably not Ron Paul (he wouldn't want to impose any strictly Christian thinking onto the Constitution and oh, I don't think he'll come close to getting the 38 million votes he'd need to beat the baby killer).

It may not be McCain either, but I think I've got the best shot with him than I do any other candidate. With him I get someone who cares what the Christian Conservatives think. Someone who will want to appoint conservative Judges to the bench (and not just the Supreme Court). These are the same judges that have a judicial philosophy that favors life, believe in marriage between one man and one woman, encourage less government intervention in our churches and our lives, think that prayer is a good thing and agree with me in many other areas. Will these judges or the politicians that appoint them transform our Nation into a Christian Nation? NO. But it is my best chance for maintaining my conservative way of life for my family.

Lastly. So what's the alternative? Don't vote? Sorry to sound like a broken record but an absent vote or a 3rd party vote IS a vote for the baby killer who only sees eye to eye with me on probably 10% of my Biblical worldview. I know I'm a complainer at times but I like my right to homeschool my children without government intervention or the requirement that i have to be a state licensed teacher (I think that's Biblical) I like my right to own a handgun, rifle and shotgun and use them if necessary to protect my family (I think that's Biblical) I like my right to have as many Bibles in my home I want and teach my children from God's word and go to a church that isn't afraid to preach all of God's word even if it isn't politically correct (I think that's Biblical) I like my right to stand in front of abortion clinics with signs and try and discourage young women from getting abortions (even though government has taken away some of those rights already - I think that's Biblical).

Could i lock the door, drive to work, come back home, go to church and leave the rest of the city, county, state and country to rot in it's sin while i enjoy my ability to not vote for anyone? I could but I don't think that's Biblical.

Salt that stays on the cupboard will always be salt but will never flavor anything.

Light that is hidden in a locked up home, will light a few but never shine for others to see.

I can find no teaching or commandment in scripture that we are not to vote for women in the civil realm. Would it be better if they were home, yes. Would I prefer they be home, yes but we can't control every woman in the country.

To sum up my point, I would not support a woman in a leadership position in the church, yet i cannot find a Biblical reason against supporting a woman in an elected position in the civil realm. For those who can Biblically defend women must stay home under all circumstances I challenge you to:

go buy gas
go to the grocery store
go out to dinner
make a purchase on Amazon
go to your doctor's office
call the police department
run over to Target for a few items

and along the way, try not to purchase an item from or ask for services from a woman serving outside of the home in one of these arenas. If you can't vote for a woman elected official, how can you spend your dollars in stores and restaurants that continue to encourage women to be away from their husbands and children?

In closing, if you're reading this, I love you. I love Heather and all of the Davis'. I hope we can take this passion we all have for finding God's truth about the role of women and have that same passion in sharing the Good news of Christ, let's take that same passion and love our kids better, let's take that same passion and serve the poor, the orphans and the widows. What a shame this would be if on November 5th we just stopped talking....

Soli Deo Gloria

Eric Kjeldgaard

Valerie said...

Eric K,

That is my gut leaning but don't feel confident enough to disagree with Heather (Heather and I have disagreed before and are still very close friends! :-) due to my knowledge of scripture. That is why I asked Laralee early to show me scripture that says that the world follows the same standards as the church. The bible clearly states that in the home and church man is the head and women should not be teaching or over them but how does that play out in the world?

Of course there is blessing when we follow God's laws as they are there to protect us so when the world follows the priciples laid out for us in scripture then they are blessed in many ways.

Yet, I am struggling with how to vote. Mind you in California it is pretty much a give which way our state will vote but still feel it is very important to excercise my right and to vote for who I feel is the best choice for our country and our family. So...I just want to see how believers defend their view that we shouldn't vote for Palin because she is a woman. Of course if scripture supports that view then I support it.

As believers too we need to remember that our hope is not in politics or our country. We truly are blessed to be part of (not a Christian nation by far) but one that does give us freedoms to teach our children the bible freely and stand in front of abortion clinics and reach out to women and their unborn babies. Yet our hope is in the Lord and He is sovereign and is in control of all that is going on in the world.

Thanks for all the great comments and Heather for making me be a thinker. :-) It is a stretch at times for my tired brain to do but a much needed excercise.

Lazy D Ranch said...

Eric K is a very good friend to our family. His wife Lisa is the one I refer to often on this blog and his father-in-law is the one helping me with my finances. I can never thank this family enough for what they have done for us.
I know that EK (as we call him) will continue to love and care for my family even if we vote differently.
I will try to give a defense in the next blog. It might take a few days since I am in the midst of a few more projects to finish up.
Thanks to all for your interest in this subject...I thank you for writing sincere comments on what you believe. All these comments are well worth reading because they make us all think.

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Heather, I feel guilty I haven't commented months ago, but I didn't. I too, have been reading your blog(met you briefly on PW list) and praying for your family since Eric's passing. I encourage you to add permalinks to your blog posts so I can link from my blog! "The lesser of two evils is still evil" is so fitting here. We can not go before the Lord every morning or evening, ask for His leading, search His Word and still vote for a mother to leave her family and step into office over the men of our country. Great blog, I could go on(as you could) but will stop here. May God richly bless you sister, I can't wait to meet you *someday*.

Thomas said...


You were scaring me! Anyway here is a great sermon speaking of you same convictions...biblical.

katiebeth527 said...

Hello dear Heather,

The thing that you said that stands out in my mind the most is when you said:

"I have a different view that is not going to be very popular. ............ But, I think it is time to share what I feel is very important..."


As far as the topic... man! All of you (you and your commenters) have had alot of great points to share.

I know Chris was checkin out Palin to get the facts & make a wise decision. We weren't sure if we were going to vote for Ron Paul whether he was on the ballot or not, or vote for McCain/ Palin or what. We're still not sure.

But I will send Chris over here. That will give him alot of great Christian insight he's looking for!! :)

Thank you!!

To EK:

MY goodness!! Here I was thinking your username sounded alot like (your lastname)...
but as I read your wonderful comment, I began thinking you were one wise WOMAN!! (Ass-u-me-ed)
Oops.... Anyway!! Man! You had some GREAT points!! Well-said!! Thank you EK!!

Sincerely, Kt

runninggal said...

Thank you Heather for your boldness to express your thoughts. I have decided to not post any political thoughts on my blog as I see how emotional this election is but I can't resist a post here!!

I'd have to agree with Erik K as he listed off all the things women are doing...if Palin is not Biblical then so too

are all the full time teachers at Central Christian in Redmond unBiblical

the female principal at this same great school - unbiblical

the great female OB doctors that deliver babies in our town - unbiblical

and on and on....even the proverbs 31 lady "brought her food from afar (some kind of business she had) and used her earnings to plant a vineyard....She sees that her trading is profitable..."

It even says, "let her works bring her praise at the city gate..." public praise for her public work.

Anyway, it would be sad to have the Christian community divided by this.

However, I have to remind everyone, that Palin is not running for President!! McCain is!! I listen to him speak and am embarrassed by him, frankly. I cannot help but feel he will only make our very shaky internationl relations even more precarious. He blunders and stumbles and truly does not speak in kindness in many of his international interviews that I have seen.

He speaks brashly, speaking of things he clearly does not understand, and makes Americans continue to look self-centered and abrasive.

I have lived overseas and so has my husband. In the 90s europeans and south Americans kind of rolled their eyes at "those Americans..." now there is true hate brewing deep in people all over the world for us. Much of this comes from the way our leadership handles itself overseas, the extremely arrogant things that are said...

I don't find this Biblical. I don't see how unborn babies are more important than thousands of Iraqi and American soldiers dying. They are both equally important.

I struggle to pick my president on one issue. I am passionate about the Abortion issue too. It's why I volunteer at the Crisis pregnancy care center. It's why my master's degree is in health and Home Economics - so I can work in the teen parent programs in the highschool, teach Sex Ed in a Godly way - talk about abstinence and anti-abortion...but I am doing this one girl at a time.

Grass roots, organic, relational approach to this. Would the law change any of your minds to not have had an abortion? of course not. It was your convictions - maybe because of someone in your life that helped you value life. Let's be actively loving the girls in our communities. That's what will change this world - and rock this abortion issue THE most.

So, if we stop picking a president based on ONE issue and look at other issues like will they keep our kids safe or will they continue to foster thousands of young men to die, needlessly and ultimately, keep America in a very dangerous international position with rising hostilities we might begin to make a more well-rounded, Biblical decision.

I read obama's book - he is a born-again Christian - baptized because he believes in Christ as His one and only Savior. McCain is very far from this. he Stragegically picked Palin to get the Christian Conservative vote. McCain and Palin disagree on many issues. They are very different theologically. It's crazy that they are trying to appear as one.

Very clever - but I can't believe that the sheep that are all running in that direction aren't realizing that Palin is simply running for vice-president. Do we even care about Biden? Not really...my focus is on these Presidential candidates and McCain is simply, embarrassing to me. I would be embarrassed to send him overseas to do any type of negotiating.

Every single interview with him overseas is laughable - only it's not truly funny -

I admire Palin and would vote for her. The fact that she is a woman does not matter - God Has gifted her as he gifts each of us differntly. However, she is hooked up with McCain. Yikes.

I admire you Heather!!! Your politics matter not to me. You are dear, and I have never even met you.

runninggal said...

Oh boy...I have more thoughts....

I truly have a question for the Conservative Christian community - to which I am fully a part of - why are issues concerning the environment considered liberal. I am ashamed when I talk with thoughtful non-Christians about this as they struggle to understand us even more when they see how adamantly we seem to swing against environmentalists.

Why aren't we the ones passionately standing up for things that will help preserve the fragie ecosystem that our creator put into place?

Mrs Palin said that she would put legislation that preserved jobs over legislation that would preserve the salmon...

Isn't that much of the same short-sightedness that I spoke of earlier in my last post? How do we explain to our grand kids 50 yrs down the road that we agreed to pass laws that allowed John Smith to keep his job - even though it was destroying salmon and ecosystems that 50years later leaves us in a world that is quickly dying because of these decisions.

Right now outside of the oregon coast there are hundreds of miles of a "dead zone" - an area that was once teeming with life has absolutely NO life at all in it now.

Anyway, I don't get it. palin could, instead, aim for reschooling individuals in occupations that are environmentally hazardous into occupations that will help solve our energy crisis in a way that is sustainable to the earth. Isn't this BIBLICAL?

Anything else is, again just ignorant arrogance. We are American and can do whatever we want to...well, the rest of the world isn't so happy about that anymore.

I bring this up because I struggle to see why McCain/Palin are considered so wonderfully Biblical. Many of my understandings of this world - peace, treat the earth with respect, treat teachers in the schools with dignity (versus McCain's ridiculous idea that teacher's should be paid based on the grades the student's get....gee, might a student's success be more a factor of the type of family they came from then simply their teacher??? Sure, that's great - tie the teacher's salary to the kid's grades...???? )

The issues are endless and McCain (not being a Christian) is not proving to me to be Biblical at all.


I too have been following you since Eric passed and your family is always in my prayers. You are such a strong, Christian woman and are a real encouragement to me. All I can say on this post is, Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!!! I have my opinions, but none are quite strong enough for debate. To be honest, after reading all the comments and your post I have alot of thinking and praying to do before November. Blessings,
aka JADsMama

not2brightGRAM said...

Just further food for thought from a Reformed Christian apologist: