Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving On

You know, we sure put people in political boxes. Something I have seen over the years but became even more apparent through this discussion. Liberal, Conservative Christian, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, Liberaterian, etc. But, within each one of these labels are a whole lot of people with very differing views.
Of course, it is my blog so I can type what I feel but I also appreciate all of you commenting on your own views. I am sorry to say that you have not changed my mind but it is good to know that there are those out there that can add to the "debate". See, this is an important thing to remember: each side always has good points to make. The key is to listen...listen to differing points of view as well as those that you agree with. Listening challenges us to think beyond what we read or think on our own. When we make a choice it should be because we believe in that choice. Taking the time to listen to others that might differ either directs our decision in another way or it makes us even more sure of our own views.
So, it is time to move on from the political scene. Surely my ending this discussion does not mean that it is ended in the world outside of this blog. I personally just do not have the energy to keep going like I did in years past....grief does that.


Karen said...

The conclusion that I finally came to after I noticed that all the political buzz was making me weary was this: GOD is in charge. HE will not be surprised the Wednesday after elections. With that said, I have turned off the commentary and found myself on my knees.


rebecca j said...

Hi Heather!

Hope you have a relaxing week! : )

Love to you!

Martha A. said...

I was wondering how you are doing. I have missed seeing posts from you on PW, unless I missed some recently as I do not get to read real throughly lately!

felmleyfam said...

praying for you. so glad the Lord made a people able to go through adversity. how great to go through adversity with the hand of God in your life! so neat to see goose behind you in the canoe, a blessing from the Lord. you are not alone. thinking of you, karen