Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is a sneak preview of our 2008 family photos.


Valerie said...


Those are great! What a handsome group!

love ya,

kristi said...

What a lovely picture!

Dawn said...

Really, really, awesome picture! It looks like the background was painted and you all were Photoshoped in But nah, it's really good! :-)

God Bless You!

rebecca j said...

Hi Heather!

So glad you are enjoying your photos! You guys are so photogenic and so fun to photograph. : )

Blessings to you and your brood!


Crayl said...

They've gotten so big. You look beautiful in your new photo! Love the new web page layout.

Simply Tiffany said...

OH!!!! What a beautiful picture!!! I LOVE the black and white one of the kids on the bench with their arms around each other...they are stunning!