Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Years

....and whether our tomorrows be filled with good or ill
we will triumph through our sorrow
and rise to bless You still...

Many tears today as I remember the details of that life-changing day but also a sense of wonder as I marvel at all that God has done in my life since then.

May God receive the glory for the good that has come out of the life and death
of Eric Christopher Harding Davis.
January 4, 1967-January 29, 2008



Kenj said...

Awwww, love that photo! My children knew that Mr. Davis loved them, and for that gift I will always be grateful.

heather said...

I have been reading your blog for a little over a year.....and it is amazing to see how God works in and through your family. I have a question for you. I have a friend (we used to go to church together and were in the same Sunday School class but now just keep in touch on Facebook)whose husband died in an accident last week. They have 3 young children. What was most helpful to you in your time of grieving? There are hundreds of people who love this family and her new church is setting up meals, housecleaning and donations. What do you suggest? I am just broken for her and wake up many times during the night to lift her up in prayer. What else can I (we) do?

Lazy D Ranch said...

My suggestion is to let her know you are praying. I treasured all of those notes that I got in the mail. In fact, there were many days that I would look forward to see what the mail lady had in store for me. It was a connection with the world outside of mine. I was not a part of FB at the time so I didn't have that avenue but that also would be a great way to encourage. Make sure to tell her often that you do not know what she is going through but that you pray that the Lord would give her strength and peace.
If you know of financial needs that you might be able to help with then you can help in that way.
If she doesn't have close friends then ask how you might be able to help with children or any errands that might need to be done. Or, even better yet, phone calls that need to be made. But, usually there is an inner circle of people that are involved in these things. You are the best judge on whether or not that is your place.
Even if all you can do is pray just let her know that you are.
You are also more than welcome to send her to this blog. I found it very, very comforting to read books about women who became widows at young ages. I found it even more comforting to see how their lives turned's as if it represents hope.
I hope this helps. In the side bar I now have my posts grouped into different categories. If she starts at the beginning of Dealing with Grief she will find the whole story.
Much grace and peace to you as you minister to your friend. ~Heather