Friday, March 29, 2013

Peter and Rebecca Bradshaw

I thought I would give you an update on each of my children.
My oldest daughter, Becca, has now been married for three years! 
I just love knowing that she is being well taken care of by her husband, Peter.

Peter is working for the Coast Guard in New Jersey.
He has had quite a year of training and duty in Washington D.C.
Meanwhile, Becca's year was filled with schooling as she was training to be 
a massage therapist.
She graduated the first week of January and promptly started working
for a local chiropractic clinic. 

Both Peter and Becca are always working on staying healthy.
They are always learning and exploring new ways to incorporate 
whole foods and natural remedies into their lives.
It has been so much fun to converse with Becca as she learns about 
essential oils, homeopathy, foods, etc.

The only problem is that they live on the other side of the country from us.
We are very thankful for FaceTime which allows us to chat via video.

Miss you, Becca!
I Love you both!


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